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Enhancing the Learning of Others

Being a lifelong learner does not only involve continuously growing and seeking out new information to expand your knowledge and perspective, but it involves supporting others through their lifelong journey as well. This blog post is dedicated to going over how I have contributed to the learning of others inside and outside of my EDTC 300 class.

There were four main areas that I contributed to others’ learning: commenting on blog posts, Slack community, my own blog posts, and Twitter. Let’s dive into each online resource.

Commenting on Blog Posts:

First of all, I commented on as many blog posts as I could every week. I really enjoyed reading about my peers different learning projects and giving words of encouragement, support, resources, and ideas to further their learning. I also liked reading about the blog post responses to the provided weekly prompts. I enjoyed seeing how people’s ideas compared to mine, how they differed, new ideas I could consider, what I could learn from their perspective, and how I could enhance their ideas as well. I even went beyond my classmates blogs and commented on an article I found about inspiring teachers! Here are some examples of how I contributed to others’ learning by commenting on blog posts:

Resource for the benefits of coding.
A conversation about minimalism.
Suggestion for vegan baking.


Suggestion for a sign language resource.
Comment on origami learning project idea.
Comment on educators article.

Slack Community Contributions:

I found Slack to be super helpful to ask questions and receive help from classmates. I also loved that everyone was sharing resources on this website. I plan to revisit all of these resources and organize them to build my teacher toolkit. I think that this would be a really helpful idea for my upcoming pre-internship and internship year. I tried to answer questions when possible, and I also shared a lot of resources that I came across that I thought would be helpful for my classmates to read. Here are a few examples of my contributions on the Slack community:

Helping my peers create a static page on WordPress.
Sharing a resource for hosting WordPress.








Sharing the education Twitter chat list.
Sharing an educational technology tool.








My Own Blog Posts:

My own blog posts gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts and new discoveries with my classmates, and with other educators on Twitter. I was able to share articles that I read, discuss key concepts, and offer suggestions on how to connect it to the classroom. Additionally, I learned to play the ukulele for my learning project. Every week I was able to post about online resources that helped me learn the ukulele. I also was able to teach my classmates about how to play the ukulele based on what I had learned throughout the journey.

Teaching others how to play ukulele.


Twitter was by far the place that I was most active. Going from never using Twitter to posting at least two or three times a day was a huge transformation that happened during this class. In fact, I went from zero tweets to 418 and counting! I also participated in a lot of education Twitter chats and revisited them throughout this spring semester. Here is a list of the chats I participated in:

  • #saskedchat
  • #nt2t
  • #4thchat
  • #whatisschool
  • #goalchat
  • #nyedchat
  • #bcedchat

Here is an overview of what my Twitter currently looks like:

The chats allowed me to connect and follow other educators from all over the world. Building my personal learning network on Twitter became very important to me over this class, and I know that it is something that I am going to utilize for the rest of my life as an educator. Not only did I participate in education chats and follow other educators, I also contributed to others’ learning by tweeting articles, videos, TED Talks, my own blog posts and other ideas that I thought would be useful. I really enjoyed connecting with other educators, retweeting their posts, commenting my ideas, and engaging in conversations to contribute and grow my perspective. Here are some snapshots of my contributions on Twitter:

Examples of my tweets and replies on Twitter.
Direct messages with an educator on Twitter.
Contributions in #whatisschool chat.
Sharing resources on Twitter.
Contributions to #nyedchat on Twitter.

All of these platforms allowed me to grow my personal learning network. I was able to connect with my classmates and other educators and professionals. This allowed me to simultaneously expand my learning while also sharing my voice, ideas, and perspectives. I know that I will continue to use online resources like these to uphold being a lifelong learner, and I encourage you to do the same!


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