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Summary of Learning Project

I teamed up with Alexa to create our summary of learning project for EDTC 300! Our video has two components. The first is our parody of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. We wanted to combine our learning projects, which were learning to play the ukulele and guitar, with our new knowledge about technology. Secondly, we wanted to outline our five main takeaways from this class. These five concepts will stay with us and help us effectively and appropriately integrate technology into our future classrooms! If you wanted to follow along what we are talking about for our five main takeaways, here is our script that we created. Below the video I have written out the lyrics for our parody song.

I hope you enjoy our video!

Lyrics for “Just the Way You Tech”:

Oh, EDTC, EDTC, I’m amazed with all the things you taught me,
Twitter, Tweetdeck, Feedly, WordPress, Zoom, etc.,
I will use all these in my future classroom.

The pros and the cons of technology goes on and on,
It has great resources, like apps, extensions, blogs, and videos,
These are so valuable to our professional growth,
and our students.

We must teach,
Our students how to be successful,
With technology,
Cause it’s everywhere.

We must not fear,
The screen time or the exposure,
Because we are digital,
Citizens of this world.

New voices, new ideas, tech opens up new conversations,
Social justice, politics, and opinions from various perspectives,
We all can join in this culture of participation.

Oh, for our learning project we both learned instruments,
We wanted to use both tech and our new talents,
To sing about being a good online citizen, you know I’ll say.

There might be fake news,
There might be online predators,
We will teach you,
To make appropriate choices.

Through digital literacy,
We can become critical thinkers,
And build our professional,
Online identities.

Online and offline,
Are intertwined,
We must be mindful,
Of how we present ourselves.

When I create my PLN,
I model being a good digital citizen,
Which helps me teach,
Ed tech early on.

They must learn young,
Incorporate it in all subjects,
Is the way to go.


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