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Week Five – Striking a Chord


Welcome to week five of my learning project! I can’t believe that it is almost over. This week I have decided to challenge myself by learning “Joanne” by Lady Gaga. The first resource I will be using this week is Guitar Tabs Explorer. Here is what it looks like:

Week two I used Ukulele Tabs, week three I used Ultimate Guitar Tabs, and week four I used DoYouUkulele. From the start I know that this resource is not as helpful as DoYouUkulele from last week as there is no strumming pattern or outlining of the necessary chords at the beginning. The chords I will need this week are C, Em, F, Am, G, and D. The website does show what the chords should look like when I hover over the chord on the sheet music, which is very helpful. Additionally, the chords look to be perfectly lined up with the corresponding lyrics. This sheet music also offers auto scrolling!

In order to find the strumming pattern, I went to YouTube and found a tutorial. The chords she is using differ from the sheet music, so I will just be using her strum pattern and following the chords outlined in the sheet music. The tutorial video suggests using the basic strum pattern of down, down, up, up, down, up. Since there are a lot of quick transitions between chords the strum pattern has to be broken up. Since I have never broken up a strum pattern before, the tutorial was very helpful and taught me how to do this.

I will check back in tomorrow to share my progress on combining the strum pattern and chords together!


Today I am introducing two new online resources. And to top it off, I am using them at the same time! The first resource I explored today was UkuBuddy Tuner. Last week I used an app to tune my ukulele, so this week I wanted to find a website. In order to show you the website, I used the third resource for this week called Screencastify. I have never used a screen recording resource for my laptop. This resource is used a lot during class, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to try it out! Before you can get started, there are three steps you have to take: signing in with a Google account, setting permission for using the camera, microphone, drawing, and annotation tools, and finally, introducing yourself. Following this easy setup, the website instantly shows a tutorial video. Having this video automatically pop up after registering is incredibly helpful and informative. Here is my overview of the UkuBuddy Tuner using Screencastify:

I did not realize until after recording the ukulele tuner that you would not be able to hear the chords on the website. Since the screen recording is using my microphone, it cannot record the sound on my laptop as well. If anyone knows of a way to overcome this hurdle, please let me know below!

Since I am brand new to Screencastify, I did not utilize all of the features that it offers. Hopefully I will get more opportunities in the future to play around with this resource.

After using the UkuBuddy Tuner, I wanted to see how accurate it was compared to my handheld tuner. Here are the results:

In comparison to last week’s tuner app, this website was less accurate. That being said, it was not a huge difference and would work well for a beginner.

Finally, today I worked on combining the strumming pattern and the chords. The quick transitions are something I have never done before, so this took the most time to get used to! Let’s just say practice, practice, practice is needed! I think that I am on the right path and I am happy with how the song is coming together.

Tomorrow I will be putting everything together and practicing singing, strumming, and playing the chords following the instructions of the sheet music.


I think that this might be my favourite song yet! Although the quick transitions are difficult to master, they are really fun and challenging! Here is the beginning of “Joanne” by Lady Gaga. As a side note, my throat is still not 100% but I really wanted to add in the singing. I have found that singing actually makes the playing easier. It is much more challenging to play without at least humming along. I hope you enjoy this snippet of the song:

As you can tell, my cat Jack is enjoying my learning project as much as I am. He has been spending a lot of time with me during this project, and really enjoys sitting down and listening to me play all the songs! Tomorrow I will show you my final product for this week.


To stick to my theme of three resources per week, I used the same video editor that I used in week three, Windows Movie Maker. I find myself coming back to this editor because it is so simple and easy to use! Here is my final video for this week. I decided to add in my own flare to the song by creating an introduction, pause in playing, and outro. I hope that you enjoy it!


Be prepared for change! Instead of going into detail with each resource that I used this week, Katia has challenged to help others learn a skill related to my learning project. Since this week I focused on learning the song “Joanne” by Lady Gaga, I am going to break down how to play each chord in this song. I think that this will be helpful for more than just this specific song because these are really common chords used in a lot of songs. I also decided that I wanted to try out Screencastify again for this challenge. This resource allowed me to show a visual of each chord while also demonstrating the chord in person. I hope that this how-to video is helpful and will teach you how to play all the chords in “Joanne” by Lady Gaga.

I did go through the chords fairly quickly, so feel free to pause to help you view the correct fingering of the chords! Was this how-to video helpful for you? I have never made one of these before and I would love some feedback! Even if you aren’t interested in learning ukulele, did the online and live presentation help with understanding the chords better? Thanks in advance for giving me some constructive feedback!


6 thoughts on “Week Five – Striking a Chord

  1. Brenna,
    You did a wonderful job on teaching us with such a detail. I have never learned any instrument before but you made me to learn this. Also it seems so easy to learn with your posts and videos, thanks for sharing. Even Your links were very helpful. And, may I please know which app are you using to record screen and video at same time? thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sona, I’m so glad that you found my tutorial video helpful. I used Screencastify to screen record and share a video at the same time. When you add on this Google Chrome extension you are able to choose whether you want to film yourself or just screen record. I chose to do both! Let me know if you have any trouble with this resource and I will try to help out in any way I can.


  2. Hi Brenna, I found it really neat that the website for tuning was only a bit less accurate. Your tutorial was great and if I wasn’t so unmusically talented I’d defiantly use it. It’s really great to see just how much work you put into these blog posts, keep up the awesome work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I was actually surprised with the accuracy of the website! It would be such a great resource for beginners so that they can play in tune. Thanks so much for the kind comments, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the post!


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