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Introduction to Educational Technology


Hi there! My name is Brenna Smith and I am finishing my third year in the education program at the University of Regina and going into my pre-internship next year! Although I like to think of myself as somewhat savvy with technology, I know that my skills can definitely be improved and refined. One of my goals during this class is to learn how to best utilize technology in the classroom so that I can incorporate these skills into my pre-internship and internship. I look forward to transferring my personal technology skills into classroom technology skills. If you want to follow along with my education technology journey, feel free to follow my personal Twitter account!

What is my relationship to blogging?

Photo Credit: Rawpixel Ltd Flickr via Compfight cc

Hmm… This is definitely a tough question for me. By nature I am a very indecisive person, which makes writing difficult. I feel like I can never concisely share all the ideas that I want to share! However, one thing I love about blogging is that you can revisit your posts, edit, make changes, and update them. Additionally, in comparison to a formal paper, blogs give you the opportunity to share more of your individual voice and personality. This class is a perfect opportunity to play with the outline, design, content, and structure of my blog and blog posts. I want to find my rhythm as a blogger, and be able to present my personalized e-portfolio to my readers!


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